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Patsy j Payne

My niche is Konnektions Konsultant.  My secondary niche is "Branding".

The first most important part of my life is God. He is the key to my health,  spiritual, emotional and physical.

Oh, the most second most important is family.

And third is my online life.

I retired from the USAF 20+years ago. I completed my Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology (MSCP), then worked at a non-profit counseling family violence perpetrators. 

I opened my private practice: DBA  as "Conflict Resolutions Counseling".

I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in Sep 2004.  My 12th Birthday will be in Oct, 2016.

I love learning branding and promoting. Social programs/surfing traffic exchanges. As most online marketers some arenas stay stable and others change. A consistent income is important to our physical/emotional/spiritual health. Although traffic exchanges are still my first love, Skype is now a partner.  

Update: I am very active in Click Track Profit Training. I am a team leader. Team Leaders train and manage duels, give rewards, motivate, COMMUNICATE, etc.


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