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Airborne International Courier Services

 Airborne International, started in 2001 is one of the most respected Express Courier Companies operating in India that offers complete Logistic and Courier Services, to large and small Corporates across various industries and business segments.
In today’s highly competitive business environment every second counts and costs money, there for using it’s extensive operational expertise and world-wide alliance, Airborne International provides the fastest connections to the rest of the world with our quality service and unique multi-product offering.
 Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Airborne International offers expert customer support at all levels. Our Customer Service Cells are manned by highly motivated staff eager to provide you speedy solutions, prompt service, feedback and answer any queries that you may have. Right professional guidance and information about shipment acceptance criteria help in averting any snags, later on. At all major locations, our fleet of vehicles for intra-city pick-ups and deliveries give you enhanced speed and safety.


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