How to Grow Your List of Subscribers Daily

Once you make the decision to blog for business, the next thing you should concentrate on is how to grow your list of subscribers. You have probably heard the online saying: “the money is in the list.” That is very true as the best way to reach your clients and prospective clients is through email.

So here are nine ways that show how to grow your list of subscribers:

Write an article for your blog every dayHow to grow your list of

Writing about your business daily will establish you as an authority in your field. If you position yourself as someone who solves problems for other people, you will attract prospects to you. Writing daily creates fresh content for your blog daily.

When you update your content often, the search engines who crawl your website sees your fresh daily content, and they crawl your site more often. There is a reason why they love blogs, and that is content.

Pick topics that fulfill a need

If you fulfill a need for your clients and prospects, they will read it. So make your topics attractive. The kinds of topics that work well for this are “how to” topics, lists and story type articles. If your topics are geared to your client, they will be more likely to take time out and read it.

Automate some of your processes

If you automate social media posting for example, you will be amazed at how many more people you reach. Onlywire is good for this. When you post a new article to your blog, Onlywire posts it to 46 social media and bookmarking sites immediately. You can also get the plugin Auto Ping Booster to do pinging to ping directories for you automatically. I got my latest site indexed by Google within a day doing that.

Also submit your article to a service like SubmitYourArticle. They have many places they submit to and you will have many links pointing back to your blog. This will help even more people to find you.

Be Social

How to grow your list ofRemember to check your Social Media sites daily so that you can still engage with your readers. This way they will click the links on the articles you post and visit your website. Blogging regularly will help that process.


Bookmark every article you post to your blog. There are many bookmarking sites out there, for example, StumbleUpon, Digg and Google Bookmarks. If you do this your content will be found through multiple channels.

Turn your article into other media

In keeping with multiple channels above, you can turn your article into a video and post it to YouTube and other video sharing channels, or turn it into a PowerPoint presentation and share it on SlideShare. You can also turn it into a PDF and share it on DocShare. The more places submitted to the better.

Promote your friends and their content they share

If you help other people get traffic, they will promote you in turn. This will help you generate more leads as they have friends that don’t know you.

Make sure you have a magnet offerAttraction Marketing

Have a free report, video or webinar that you can offer your prospects as a way to get them to sign up for your newsletter. This will make it easy for them to give you their contact details.

Promote on Business Directories

You can list your business on a directory where you can showcase your products. You can use video, PDF brochures and other multimedia. You can also network with other businesses and market to them. Visit here to learn more.

If you engage in these activities daily, you will see your list grow daily.

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This article was written by Hannah Kramer of Attraction Marketing