How to build Brand Strategy Through Social Media

There are various ways you can build your brand for free on Social media. Here are 20 ways that will show you how to build brand strategy.How to build Brand Strategy

Inspirational or motivational Quotes

These work very well as people like to feel inspired.  You can create your own pictures with the quote and add your website. This way, when they share it, many more people will get to know about you. It’s a win/win.

Photos showing your products or services

This is a no-brainer. You have to have lots of pictures showcasing your products or services, and share them everywhere. Pictures are great for selling.

Behind-the-scenes photos

Tell your story through photos. How is your product or service created? What is the process? Share more knowledge about the product or service.

 Whitepapers or Guides

This is a type of content marketing designed to give your prospect information. The more information they have, the better they will be equipped to make a decision. Whitepapers or guides will help them in the decision making process. Most people look for information before they make a decision. This search for information is conducted online.

Create great cover photos to show your products or services

Your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter cover photos should be about your products or services. Why would you add any other photos there anyway?

Sharing news about your company and its business partners

You should constantly look for newsworthy items.  Has your company had a birthday party? Share the news with photos. Did you launch a new product? Share this news with photos.  Do you have an employee of the month? You get the idea.

Recent legislation that affects your business industry

Legislation changes often, and that often affects your industry. Write about it, and how you’re handling it.

Showcase your latest projects

You are often busy with projects in your business. It could be the creation of a new product or service. Take lots of photos and write about it.

Pictures of events

Have you had any events in your business? It could be product launches or anything else really. Perhaps you had a contest with a party where the winner was announced. Whatever the event, take many photos and write about it. Post it on Social Media.

Write about you employees: One at a time

When you write about your employees your customers will identify with them. This will bring your customer closer to you.

Did anything interesting happen universally that strikes a chord?

Post about it. Climate warming, The Royal family in the UK, any celebrity, you get the picture. Look what’s trending on Google and write about it. Ask your prospects and customers their opinion. Did anything happen in the news that you can relate to your product or service? Write about it.

Surveys and quizzes

Want to know what your customers like or hate about certain products? Do you need to do some market research before you create a new product? Create fun surveys or quizzes. Many people love doing them.

Announce new partnerships

Yes, just like Microsoft buys LinkedIn – that kind of news. If you form new partnerships, or create new alliances, that’s news.

Create Infographics

Infographics are a great way to show or explain things to your customers. The more you create, the better. Create one for every product or service you have.

Show Industry Statistics with graphs and graphics

Your customers may be interested in statistics that have an impact on them. Show these with graphics and graphs.

Funny Pictures

Just like inspirational quotes, funny pictures always get noticed and shared. Create these yourself or have it made for you, and add your website. When it gets shared you get new customers.

Customer testimonials

Yes, you can post these too. Get permission from your customer, and write a story with pictures, and give a quote from your customer.

Post new articles and helpful tips

Customers appreciate these, and prospects who are looking for you will find you. Make sure the headline is something they are looking for.

Share Newsletters

Newsletters work for getting new customers too. Ask your existing customers to share your newsletters.

Trial Demonstrations

Fans will appreciate trying something for free before they buy. They will see this as minimising risk.

You can do these tasks on all social media accounts.

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This article was written by Hannah Kramer from Attraction Marketing.

How to build Brand Strategy