We have all heard about website security. But why do most small business owners do nothing about it? Here are some reasons why you need to start thinking about securing your website:

The #1 reason most people don’t secure their websites

Most people are simply not aware of the risks and consequences, and most have the belief that as a small business, they are too small to be noticed by online hackers. They think hackers get to notice them only if their website starts getting popular. What they’re simply not aware of is that most hackers look for vulnerable websites with the use of automated tools.

Moreover, small business owners don’t think about security matters because they are too busy with their business. They are often the only person in their business and have to wear many hats. This is why they don’t take time in researching the issues with website security.

Why is website security important?

Your website is your whole identity as a business. Not only that, but it is your storefront, your brand, and the first contact you have with your clients or customers. If your website is not secure, and not safe to visit, it will compromise your growth because your prospects will avoid it.

Threats can come in many different ways: Stealing your customer information, infecting it with malware, stealing transaction information like credit card numbers and crashing or hijacking your website.

Such a security breach could be the death of your small business. It could have a very large impact on trust with your customers if they find out about it. Hackers can even use your website to launch an attack. Attacks are very seldom traced back to the hackers.

Website security builds trust

Most people are aware of security threats on the internet.  Most people are worried about visiting small business websites because they are not secure. Therefore, the more small businesses can do to make sure their websites are secure and therefore build trust in their website, the more likely your prospects, clients or customers are to use or recommend the website. You can do much to build trust by displaying a “security seal” on your website.

Industries more at risk

Data theft is most prevalent in financial services, retail and healthcare. However, no industry has immunity against hackers.

Steps to take

You need a security plan for your business that includes your website and customer data. Make sure you have very secure passwords. Also check your computer regularly for malware. This goes for all your mobile devices too.

And purchase an affordable website security program.


Hosting and security

Yes, the hosting provider also plays a key role in website security. However, there is not much they can do if the hacker found your password on your computer. It is therefore your responsibility to look after your computer security so that hackers can’t find you.

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This article was written by Hannah Kramer of Attraction Marketing