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Independent Consultant – Offer Your Clients Value

PurpleBiz International and Local Online Business Directory is looking for an Independent consultant Commission Representative

The Company:

PurpleBiz, an Online International and Local Business Directory will add a professional sales associate to our sales team.

The Position:

The Sales Representative will sell our Online Business Directory advantages into both new and existing B-to-C and B-to-B enterprises. The successful candidate will be rewarded with a 25% commission plan. There is no cap on the commission plan. Our Sales Representatives will be responsible for securing new business while maintaining lasting relationships with current business client accounts. They prospect for new clients, qualify leads and develop relationships while representing PurpleBiz’ online business directory packages.

The Ideal Candidate:

The right candidate will be a proven producer with a track record of advertising industry sales experience with a successful proven history of selling to new clients and decision makers. The ideal candidate will need superior networking abilities as well as a proven ability to achieve goals and drive for results. Exemplary interpersonal skills, a high ability to influence others and strong listening skills are all key to success in this position.

Job Requirements:

  • Sell online directory listings in B-to-C and B-to-B
  • Competent in Microsoft Office
  • Cold calling, referral asks, networking and community involvement
  • Experience in or willingness for cold calling small businesses
  • High School Diploma or higher education (degree is preferred, but not required)
  • Computer skills needed: Microsoft Office, Outlook, CRM
  • Ability/willingness to conduct business on electronic devices

Additional Attributes of our successful Independent Consultant:

  • Ability to leverage technology through the use of computers and the internet
  • Extensive digital awareness of social media, SEO/SEM, mobile advertising and comfortable with navigating through the internet
  • A self-motivated personality with a drive to succeed
  • Ability to manage their time efficiently
  • Ability to demonstrate a consistent bottom line orientation and a drive to advance and achieve
  • The perfect candidate would understand how important digital marketing is

We Offer:

  • commission
  • Professional Sales Training
  • Sales support

Application Process:

If you meet these requirements, please send cover letter and resume

Job Type: Full-time or part time

Please send your CV + contact details to

It is indeed exciting to own your own business but it can also be overwhelming at times. You certainly have a lot on your plate so you need marketing that is effective and proven to work so that you don’t waste time and money. This is why you need to be listed in business directories as part of your marketing.

Why do business directories work so well for small businesses?

According to a recent study,[i] 8 out of 10 people will use a directory when they are looking for a business. And of those directory searches, eighty-six percent will end in a sale. This means that adding your listing to a Business Directory has a higher chance of getting results, as the person looking for your products or services has a great need for them.

Business Directory listings also help with getting found in the search engines. As these directories are highly optimized for the Search Engines, you have a greater chance of being seen. It is very important to have your business listed in business directories and be consistent with your business details.

Are business directories profitable for small businesses?

If you maintain your listings and update them regularly, you can expect a great return on your investment. Keeping your content fresh helps your listing show that your business is active. Research has shown that nowadays 97% of your prospects look at an average of 8 different sources, before they make the decision to buy.

As a marketer I can tell you that if you want to make a sale, you need to remain in his mind so that when he is ready to buy, he will think of you first, before your competition. Therefore, if you are listed in many directories, your business name will come up often, which will increase the likelihood of your prospects finding you before your competition.

How to choose which directories to list on and where to find them

It is best not to haphazardly put your business in every directory you can find, but to choose the best ones. You should upgrade your listing too as many directories have your website as a nofollow link until you upgrade. It is therefore wise to choose about 10 – 15 good ones and upgrade in some of them rather than more listings that won’t bring you business.

Look for directories that get lots of traffic. They also need a high Google Page Rank. This helps your listing appear high in Google’s search results, which will increase your chances of being found.

If you want to be listed in a print directory, look for directories in your niche, and also look for business directory sections of a popular magazine or newspaper. If you are a business-to-business service, you need to belong to your local chamber of commerce and get a listing there.

Make sure to get the right mix for your business. New directories appear daily. Some are free, whilst others charge a fee. You absolutely need to be listed in Google Maps and Google Places as those are the main ones. If your business sell physical products, you should also look for comparison shopping websites and look for a directory where you can add your products.

Increase your website traffic

Listing your business and website can also help your website appear higher in the search engines. You need to list your business in quality business directories. Search engines will then take note and see your site as an authoritative site. This can increase your website’s visibility and increase your page rank.

For this reason, your details need to be consistent in every directory. If you have variations, the search engines will get confused and start treating it as different businesses. If you move your business or take over an existing business it can create a big issue with the search engines. Make sure you have a list of all the listings you have and update them all if any of your business details change.

Google Yourself, claim and update

It helps to Google your business every now and then to see the status of your listings and to see which perform better.  Double check that your business information is still correct, and update where necessary. In some directories you need to claim ownership of your listing.

In some cases, new directories just add you themselves. It is important that you check these as often their information is incorrect.


Make sure that you document each place you have a listing at. I suggest making a spreadsheet where you list things like the directory name, website and your login information. You can then also document the results when you search in Google and see how each listing performs. This will save you a lot of time and frustration when your business details change.

Consistency, documentation and taking ownership will help your business ranking in the search engines. And it will help your SEO. (Search Engine Optimization)

What you need to do now

You need to consider adding directory listings to your marketing plan. You can look at which directories are available in your niche and region. You can look which business directories have good traffic and a high page rank. Then you need to look at what your competitors are doing and see where they advertise and whether it would be beneficial for you to also advertise there.  Implement some sort of tracking system to see which directories give you the best return for your investment. And above all, remember that it will take some time before you see amazing results.

Remember that the task of listing your business in business directories is an ongoing task, which means you don’t “set and forget” but maintain these listings and update them often. Studies have proven that this strategy of listing your business in directories can be a very good and profitable one.

Make sure your listing is designed in such a way that it catches the attention of the prospects searching for you. This, together with minding the above, will help ensure your small business success.

PurpleBiz is an International and Local Online Business Directory with a difference: Not only can you have a listing with a link to your website, but you can also showcase your business with video, brochures and graphics.

This article was written by Hannah Kramer of Attraction Marketing

[i] Burke study

Everyone knows that if you expect to succeed in business you need to be marketing. But marketing is costly, right? Actually there are ways you can market your business that won’t cost you anything.  Here are 11 ways to market for free.

1- Establish yourself as an expert

Write articles to your blog about your product or service daily. Post these articles on relevant e-zines, article directories, social media sites, and even in print media. You can also participate in forums and interest groups, and post links to your articles.

2- Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a way to go where your customers are and engage with them. There are many platforms for you to choose from, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube. Don’t forget Mobile Marketing as another great social media tool to engage with your prospects and customers.

3- Offer something for free

You can offer samples if you have a product, but by far the easiest is to offer a free e-book or report.

4- Have a competition or contest

Running a contest, competition or giveaway will generate interest in your business, product or service. Make sure to post your competition everywhere; in forums, groups and Social Media to maximise your response rate.

5- Use Word of Mouth Marketing

Get your existing customers engaged in your business through involving them with voting on new product ideas or making suggestions. You can use polls and contests where they can help name a new product or decide the colour scheme. If they enjoy the experience they will share it with their friends. You will therefore need to integrate Social Media for this to work.

6- Create an event

Events are a great way to promote your business. You can do seminars, webinars, workshops, networking or a launch of a new product.

7- Public Customer Service

Have an F.A.Q. section on your website or blog, and answer questions publicly on Social Media sites and in your articles. You can also answer questions on places like Yahoo answers, and LinkedIn Answers and in forums.

8- Networking

Networking in real time is an excellent way to add to your marketing. Make sure you go somewhere where you can make strong lasting relationships. This way you will get some great referrals.

9- Email Marketing

Build your list and then email them your offers. Invite them to your events and send them your special offers. Make sure that when you send an email the information you offer is valuable. This will ensure that your customers will look forward to your emails and that they will not end up in the trash, unopened.

1- Use the press

You can write a press release or you can offer help to a reporter. HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is a good way to get publicity for your business.

If you use these free ways to market your business you will not only have a better chance at success, but you will be able to test what works so you can use it in paid advertising if you need to. This will help the success of your business.

11- Online Directories

Use Online Local and International Directories that will showcase your business and can be found on the first page of the search engines by someone who is looking for you. The more places you are listed the better chance you have of being found.

PurpleBiz is an international and local online business directory where you can have a listing that can be found online. Not only that, but you can showcase your business with video, pdf brochures and graphics with a link back to your site. Join today.

This article was written by Hannah Kramer from Attraction Marketing.

We have all heard about website security. But why do most small business owners do nothing about it? Here are some reasons why you need to start thinking about securing your website:

The #1 reason most people don’t secure their websites

Most people are simply not aware of the risks and consequences, and most have the belief that as a small business, they are too small to be noticed by online hackers. They think hackers get to notice them only if their website starts getting popular. What they’re simply not aware of is that most hackers look for vulnerable websites with the use of automated tools.

Moreover, small business owners don’t think about security matters because they are too busy with their business. They are often the only person in their business and have to wear many hats. This is why they don’t take time in researching the issues with website security.

Why is website security important?

Your website is your whole identity as a business. Not only that, but it is your storefront, your brand, and the first contact you have with your clients or customers. If your website is not secure, and not safe to visit, it will compromise your growth because your prospects will avoid it.

Threats can come in many different ways: Stealing your customer information, infecting it with malware, stealing transaction information like credit card numbers and crashing or hijacking your website.

Such a security breach could be the death of your small business. It could have a very large impact on trust with your customers if they find out about it. Hackers can even use your website to launch an attack. Attacks are very seldom traced back to the hackers.

Website security builds trust

Most people are aware of security threats on the internet.  Most people are worried about visiting small business websites because they are not secure. Therefore, the more small businesses can do to make sure their websites are secure and therefore build trust in their website, the more likely your prospects, clients or customers are to use or recommend the website. You can do much to build trust by displaying a “security seal” on your website.

Industries more at risk

Data theft is most prevalent in financial services, retail and healthcare. However, no industry has immunity against hackers.

Steps to take

You need a security plan for your business that includes your website and customer data. Make sure you have very secure passwords. Also check your computer regularly for malware. This goes for all your mobile devices too.

And purchase an affordable website security program.


Hosting and security

Yes, the hosting provider also plays a key role in website security. However, there is not much they can do if the hacker found your password on your computer. It is therefore your responsibility to look after your computer security so that hackers can’t find you.

PurpleBiz is a secure website where you can make a listing that links back to your website. Not only that, but PurpleBiz makes sure that your business listing will be found on the first page in the search engines. Get your business listing on our directory today.

This article was written by Hannah Kramer of Attraction Marketing

classified2Have you ever run classified ads and got no response from it? It gets more and more common as people don’t read those anymore. You need to stand out and be memorable in order to get a good response from your advertisements.

Here are the most common mistakes that people make when writing classified ads:


First Mistake

Running ads in magazines, newsletters and papers that you haven’t seen. If you don’t see the publication that your classified ad will be in, how can you know how to relate to your readers? Reading the publication will tell you things about the readers: What kind of topics they read, what they are interested in, and what articles they respond to. You will then know if this fits the description of your target market.


Second Mistake

Using a PO Box as your address. This will kill any response that you may get as your prospects won’t take you seriously. A phone number is the best for people to respond to, as they want to know there is a “real” person on the other end of the line, even if it is someone other than you who picks up the phone. It will be well worth the investment.


Third Mistake

Including your company name in your ad. Your classified ad’s ONLY purpose is to generate leads; to get the prospect to pick up the phone and call you. Including your company name is a waste of space and money. And it is absolutely useless for anything else.


Fourth Mistake

classified3Placing the classified advertisement in the most expensive media first. Test them first. I would test your classified ad on flyers first. Once you test those and find what works, you can place the ad in a low cost media. Once you’re sure what classified ad brings you the most return on your investment, you can go ahead and use the expensive places to advertise.

You should see what your competition is doing. Keep a scrapbook of classified ad examples from other businesses in your niche. Then you have some ideas to start from, and get ideas from.

It seems complex but it is actually quite simple. Just write down your ideas and start implementing. Start running your classified ads and test the responses. Keep running different ads, keep testing the responses. Keep a record of your results. Then go ahead and use the winning ads in your classified ad campaigns.

There is a place where you can advertise that will bring you results from only $250 per year. You can “set and forget” because the Search Engine Optimization will ensure that your business will be found in the Search Engines on the first page, even before your own website. Sign up at Purplebiz today! And try us for FREE.


This article was written by Hannah Kramer from Attraction Marketing