Why is Microsoft Buying LinkedIn and what it means for the user

Microsoft just surprised everyone with the buying LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion. But why do they need LinkedIn? And why would LinkedIn sell?

Listening to an interview of Microsoft and LinkedIn’s CEO’s on why Microsoft and LinkedIn are both happy about the acquisition I heard things like:

Bringing together the world’s leading professional cloud and the world’s leading professional network.”

“How people work today: they’re split between these two different worlds. Using Office, Dynamics CRM and cloud and they’re using the professional network. How do we make this come together?”

“It’s about Productivity, and business process, how to make it come together.”

“We want to create a social fabric to that can be seamlessly integrated into areas like office, outlook, skype, etc.”

But what does it all mean?

What you will be able to do

It means that you will be able to call anyone in your LinkedIn Contacts from Skype.

You will be able to create a message or document in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Outlook or Access and send it from there to any of your LinkedIn contacts. You will be able to connect to your contacts straight from your Outlook, schedule appointments with LinkedIn contacts and have Outlook send you a reminder. Even Windows will be integrated. Cortana will be able to remind you of meetings too, and will probably remind you to look at the profiles of people you’re meeting with.

You will have immediate access to anyone who can help you create your documents or with the content. You will also be able to send your document directly to LinkedIn id you use pulse.

What does Microsoft get out of it?

For Microsoft it means that they have a bigger database and access to demographics and data that will help their marketing efforts. They will have a CRM that works for them which they will be able to use in marketing decisions. And they will be able to connect with their users instantly. They will also be able to shut out Google and Facebook from the workplace, and only use the one social media platform that is needed in the workplace.

What does LinkedIn get out of it?

For LinkedIn it will mean that they will be able to accomplish more than they have been able to until now. They will be able to use the growth to have more access to people for recruiting purposes. They can use their software to predict a person’s ability for success and match those to potential jobs. Now they will be able to do so on a larger scale.

For the user there will also be better opportunities for advertising or promoted content. That more people will see it is a bonus.

The opportunities all around seems amazing for both companies and users. Time will tell if it will be a success as a lot needs to happen before we see any changes. The developments will surely be interesting.

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This article was written by Hannah Kramer from Attraction Marketing.