ARANET LLCAranet LLC is proud to announce the launch of the PurpleBiz international business directory. Besides listing international businesses, it can be used for local listings as well. The new directory is already heavily used and proving to be successful.

Daryoush Ashtari from Aranet says: “We’re very proud to have launched PurpleBiz international business directory and to see that it is already so incredibly popular. The world is becoming increasingly globalized and, while local online marketing is a vital tool to get found on the internet. It is equally important to be able to be found outside of a geographical area. What we have done is create something that does both, and we’re very happy to see how popular it is becoming.”

When a listing is made on PurpleBiz, a Google Map can also be added to the business profile. This ensures that businesses can be found both locally and internationally. This has been shown to be of tremendous benefit to businesses, as it enables them to showcase their products and services to all potential and existing clients.

International Business Profile

PurpleBiz International Business DirectoryPurpleBiz allows companies to write a full profile about who they are and what they do. Furthermore, they can embed videos into their listing, giving themselves an excellent and accessible presentation. Additionally, press releases and news items about the business can also be added if they have been published in newspapers or online press release sites.

Businesses can also choose to upgrade their listing, which means it will be included in 10 different languages. This provides those who run international network marketing opportunities in a range of different countries. To access this, businesses can send their page to Aranet, indicate the applicable languages, and it will be translated from there.

“Our goal is to enable you to show your listing to the world,” adds Daryoush Ashtari, “but in so doing, you can also show all your information to your local audience. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.”

Those involved in network marketing and how have tried the new PurpleBiz service have been very happy with the results that the system has offered them, both with and without the upgrade.