online business directoriesWe think of search engines as the only place to search for things we want to know. However, you can also search on YouTube, social media sites and Online Business Directories.

Online business directories are a great way of getting more traffic for your business as they are highly optimized and will usually get your business coming up in a search before your website. Many people use them to search for a business that they need as well. Most business-to-business owners only use directories to search in as it is more targeted to the kind of business they are looking for.

Is there such a thing as too many directory listings?

No, you could be on any number of directories. However, it isn’t the quantity that counts, it is the quality and relevancy of the directories. It is also not good to be listed in directories where you have spammy looking websites. The directory should be of high caliber where your business would be an asset.

How do you tell which directories are legitimate?

Look at what is listed already. If it looks like a neighborhood you want to be seen in, go ahead and create your listing.

Another good way to tell is to first create a free listing. Give it about a week or two and then do a search for your business in Google. If the directory listing comes up before your business website, you want to be listed there. It is worth upgrading in such a directory as you know that your business is important to a directory with high SEO capability.

How do Business Directories work?

Get started with your listing by making a search for it on the directory to make sure it isn’t already listed. Business directories have categories. Look for the category that suits your business best. The reason for categories is so that someone who searches for you find it easy to search for a business that meets their need. The directory increases your business’ chance of getting discovered as many people use the directories to search for a business. Even if they search on a search engine like Google they are more likely to find your business through the directory as directories are highly optimized for search engines.  This creates a higher visibility for your business online.

How your customers find you on business directories is similar to how search engines work; they find you with keywords. It is therefore important that you should create your listing with keywords that your customers will use to look for you. This means you need a good title and description using the keywords that you have chosen. Your customer will search using the keywords, and a list will come up with all the businesses relevant to his search. Your customers will then read the descriptions to make their choice.

You can see that there is a better chance of someone finding your business through business directories than just your website. This is why it is so important to list on directories.

Look at what your competitors are doing.

If you want to know which directory would be good for your business. Look where your competitors are placing their listings. Then place your listings there as well. You should also list in the top 10 directories.

You need reviews

Make use of the review feature by asking your customers to complete a review of your products or services. This will let your prospects see that others are happy with your products or services. It will also give them insight into how you operate, and what your values are.

Use the directory’s features to enhance your listings

Some directories let you display more than just a title, link and description. Use these features like adding graphics, videos or brochures that display your business better. You can even send them your PowerPoint Presentation for them to create a video of your business. This will help you showcase your business and attract more new customers.

Track your results

Make sure you have Google Analytics or a similar program so you can track which listings are the best. This will help you decide which directories you should upgrade to help your online efforts even more.

Should you spend money on these sites?

The answer is yes. Here’s why:

  • It is a great source of leads
  • You find consumer reviews that are relevant
  • You get referral traffic
  • You can engage with your prospects
  • You can advertise to your prospects cheaper than Adwords

Make sure you claim ownership of your listing straight away so that you can receive reviews and respond to them. This will help with your listing as people who search for you will see that they can be comfortable buying from you.

This article is written by Hannah Kramer from Attraction Marketing