Attract Targeted ProspectsThe most powerful way that you can attract targeted prospects and leads like bees to honey, is called Attraction Marketing. Cold calling leads that aren’t interested or hitting on friends and family just don’t cut it anymore.

The top ten most effective tactics that guarantees results in Attraction Marketing are the following:

  1. Set a goal: Look at your why, keep it in front of you always, set a goal and make a decision to reach it.
  2. Create a blog: A blog is the best way to get traffic. You should be blogging daily or at least use content curation on your blog. Turn your blogs into articles and have an Article Distribution Service distribute them for you.
  3. Focus on your prospect: Remember that it is not about you and your product, but about your prospect and their needs. Focus on solving their problems rather on what you want to sell.
  4. Change what you say: Don’t focus on getting people to join your business. Rather get an excellent marketing message together. A message that will make people say: “I want that!” I met a lady who was working for an underwear company. When she introduced herself to a group of ladies, she said: “Hi, I am Linda, and I help women look slimmer and taller.” All the ladies present said: “I want that!” Focus on something someone wants badly, and use it as an “attraction” instead of your usual prospect repelling line.
  5. Invest in learning marketing: This is the best skill you can have. That and selling. Always look for ways to improve those skills.
  6. Build your online presence: You need to put yourself out there if you want to be found. Join all the Social Media Sites you have time for and make sure you visit the major ones daily and the minor ones weekly. Post your articles on Article Directories as well, and post those to your Social Media and Bookmarking sites. Always remember to be authentic and unique. This is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Make as many friends as you can, and help them solve their problems. Have a passion for helping people.
  7. Practice until you’re a confident leader: Join Toastmasters and learn to speak publicly. Take their leadership course. Then practice leadership until it becomes second nature. This will help you position yourself as a leader and attract people to you.
  8. Be clear about who your ideal prospects are: This is so that you can target them better and find where they hang out so you can go and find them there.
  9. Share your “why” as well as your successes: People are always attracted to successful people. They will identify with your “why” and realize that if you can be successful, so can they.
  10. Find a great marketing system: This will help you automate your processes so that you can have more time to do the things that drive the marketing system.

If you work at these tactics and master them to attract targeted prospects, you will be successful.

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This article was written by Hannah Kramer from Attraction Marketing

Why is Microsoft Buying LinkedIn and what it means for the user

Microsoft just surprised everyone with the buying LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion. But why do they need LinkedIn? And why would LinkedIn sell?

Listening to an interview of Microsoft and LinkedIn’s CEO’s on why Microsoft and LinkedIn are both happy about the acquisition I heard things like:

Bringing together the world’s leading professional cloud and the world’s leading professional network.”

“How people work today: they’re split between these two different worlds. Using Office, Dynamics CRM and cloud and they’re using the professional network. How do we make this come together?”

“It’s about Productivity, and business process, how to make it come together.”

“We want to create a social fabric to that can be seamlessly integrated into areas like office, outlook, skype, etc.”

But what does it all mean?

What you will be able to do

It means that you will be able to call anyone in your LinkedIn Contacts from Skype.

You will be able to create a message or document in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Outlook or Access and send it from there to any of your LinkedIn contacts. You will be able to connect to your contacts straight from your Outlook, schedule appointments with LinkedIn contacts and have Outlook send you a reminder. Even Windows will be integrated. Cortana will be able to remind you of meetings too, and will probably remind you to look at the profiles of people you’re meeting with.

You will have immediate access to anyone who can help you create your documents or with the content. You will also be able to send your document directly to LinkedIn id you use pulse.

What does Microsoft get out of it?

For Microsoft it means that they have a bigger database and access to demographics and data that will help their marketing efforts. They will have a CRM that works for them which they will be able to use in marketing decisions. And they will be able to connect with their users instantly. They will also be able to shut out Google and Facebook from the workplace, and only use the one social media platform that is needed in the workplace.

What does LinkedIn get out of it?

For LinkedIn it will mean that they will be able to accomplish more than they have been able to until now. They will be able to use the growth to have more access to people for recruiting purposes. They can use their software to predict a person’s ability for success and match those to potential jobs. Now they will be able to do so on a larger scale.

For the user there will also be better opportunities for advertising or promoted content. That more people will see it is a bonus.

The opportunities all around seems amazing for both companies and users. Time will tell if it will be a success as a lot needs to happen before we see any changes. The developments will surely be interesting.

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This article was written by Hannah Kramer from Attraction Marketing.

The main goal of advertising is to increase your sales and profits. You don’t do it for any other reason. There are three steps that will help you realize this goal.


If your company doesn’t have a sales department that actively promote your products or services, you need to advertise. Advertising is salesmanship in print, and you have the ability to replace your sales department. Direct response marketing is your friend if you have a small business. Even large companies are starting to use direct response marketing because it works. With Direct response marketing you are not using images but paint pictures in words. You are using emotional language to pull the prospect to you. You are concentrating on his hopes and fears. You know his problems, and you are providing the solution.

The first step is to give your prospect an offer which solves a problem for him.


With Direct response marketing, you can persuade your prospects to respond straight away to your offer. The prospect knows if he wants the information which solves his problem, he has to respond right now. Otherwise it may be gone forever. You can then capture his details and send him this offer. Now you have him in your list of prospects, and you can market to him. This helps you to continue to persuade him.

Being able to capture his details immediately makes it possible for you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising, something which image based advertising can’t do. There you just have to hope people see it and come to you to ask more questions. For us here at PurpleBiz, hope is not a strategy.


After you capture your prospect’s contact details, you then need to send him more messages to remind him of the solution you have to offer. The solution would be a product or a service. Being able to send him reminder messages helps you to stay fresh in his mind, and when he is ready to purchase, he will know to come to you. Reminders helps your prospect to come to you and not go to one of your competitors.

If they have purchased a product or service from you, you can remind them of their satisfaction with the product or service. You can then offer them another product or service.


Not only do you need to follow up in reminding prospects to buy, you also need to deliver good on the promises you made in the advertising to your clients. You need to give excellent service, and a great purchasing experience. It is therefore essential to keep your CRM up to date and to follow up with your customers or clients.

If you are new to Direct Response Marketing, and new to online marketing, you need to list your business in online business directories. Not only can your prospective customers find you easier, but you can find prospects too. This is your first step to being found online as Business Directories help you get found with their excellent Search Engine Optimization.

PurpleBiz is a new International Online Business Directory where you can showcase your business with video, brochures, and graphics. No other directory offers this. Not only can you reach local prospects, but international as well. Visit PurpleBiz today and create your listing.

This article was written by Hannah Kramer from Attraction Marketing.

ARANET LLCAranet LLC is proud to announce the launch of the PurpleBiz international business directory. Besides listing international businesses, it can be used for local listings as well. The new directory is already heavily used and proving to be successful.

Daryoush Ashtari from Aranet says: “We’re very proud to have launched PurpleBiz international business directory and to see that it is already so incredibly popular. The world is becoming increasingly globalized and, while local online marketing is a vital tool to get found on the internet. It is equally important to be able to be found outside of a geographical area. What we have done is create something that does both, and we’re very happy to see how popular it is becoming.”

When a listing is made on PurpleBiz, a Google Map can also be added to the business profile. This ensures that businesses can be found both locally and internationally. This has been shown to be of tremendous benefit to businesses, as it enables them to showcase their products and services to all potential and existing clients.

International Business Profile

PurpleBiz International Business DirectoryPurpleBiz allows companies to write a full profile about who they are and what they do. Furthermore, they can embed videos into their listing, giving themselves an excellent and accessible presentation. Additionally, press releases and news items about the business can also be added if they have been published in newspapers or online press release sites.

Businesses can also choose to upgrade their listing, which means it will be included in 10 different languages. This provides those who run international network marketing opportunities in a range of different countries. To access this, businesses can send their page to Aranet, indicate the applicable languages, and it will be translated from there.

“Our goal is to enable you to show your listing to the world,” adds Daryoush Ashtari, “but in so doing, you can also show all your information to your local audience. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.”

Those involved in network marketing and how have tried the new PurpleBiz service have been very happy with the results that the system has offered them, both with and without the upgrade.

online business directoriesWe think of search engines as the only place to search for things we want to know. However, you can also search on YouTube, social media sites and Online Business Directories.

Online business directories are a great way of getting more traffic for your business as they are highly optimized and will usually get your business coming up in a search before your website. Many people use them to search for a business that they need as well. Most business-to-business owners only use directories to search in as it is more targeted to the kind of business they are looking for.

Is there such a thing as too many directory listings?

No, you could be on any number of directories. However, it isn’t the quantity that counts, it is the quality and relevancy of the directories. It is also not good to be listed in directories where you have spammy looking websites. The directory should be of high caliber where your business would be an asset.

How do you tell which directories are legitimate?

Look at what is listed already. If it looks like a neighborhood you want to be seen in, go ahead and create your listing.

Another good way to tell is to first create a free listing. Give it about a week or two and then do a search for your business in Google. If the directory listing comes up before your business website, you want to be listed there. It is worth upgrading in such a directory as you know that your business is important to a directory with high SEO capability.

How do Business Directories work?

Get started with your listing by making a search for it on the directory to make sure it isn’t already listed. Business directories have categories. Look for the category that suits your business best. The reason for categories is so that someone who searches for you find it easy to search for a business that meets their need. The directory increases your business’ chance of getting discovered as many people use the directories to search for a business. Even if they search on a search engine like Google they are more likely to find your business through the directory as directories are highly optimized for search engines.  This creates a higher visibility for your business online.

How your customers find you on business directories is similar to how search engines work; they find you with keywords. It is therefore important that you should create your listing with keywords that your customers will use to look for you. This means you need a good title and description using the keywords that you have chosen. Your customer will search using the keywords, and a list will come up with all the businesses relevant to his search. Your customers will then read the descriptions to make their choice.

You can see that there is a better chance of someone finding your business through business directories than just your website. This is why it is so important to list on directories.

Look at what your competitors are doing.

If you want to know which directory would be good for your business. Look where your competitors are placing their listings. Then place your listings there as well. You should also list in the top 10 directories.

You need reviews

Make use of the review feature by asking your customers to complete a review of your products or services. This will let your prospects see that others are happy with your products or services. It will also give them insight into how you operate, and what your values are.

Use the directory’s features to enhance your listings

Some directories let you display more than just a title, link and description. Use these features like adding graphics, videos or brochures that display your business better. You can even send them your PowerPoint Presentation for them to create a video of your business. This will help you showcase your business and attract more new customers.

Track your results

Make sure you have Google Analytics or a similar program so you can track which listings are the best. This will help you decide which directories you should upgrade to help your online efforts even more.

Should you spend money on these sites?

The answer is yes. Here’s why:

  • It is a great source of leads
  • You find consumer reviews that are relevant
  • You get referral traffic
  • You can engage with your prospects
  • You can advertise to your prospects cheaper than Adwords

Make sure you claim ownership of your listing straight away so that you can receive reviews and respond to them. This will help with your listing as people who search for you will see that they can be comfortable buying from you.

This article is written by Hannah Kramer from Attraction Marketing